My Creed of Training

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I believe that:

Active learning is better than passive stuffing. Thus, when
you are reading this document, I hope no one is forcing you to do so, which is a great start.

     role modeling and participation of HS are the keys
for molding positive characters, attitude and value.

     growing mature are optional, growing old is inevitable.

     every follower of the Master should be a trainer and learner, freely receive should freely give.

     learning should be exciting and fun. Thus, I’m sorry if you find this document boring. Please try to do something fun or relaxing, then come back later.

     people are unique and have different learning/training style and contextual/cultural and personal preference.

     vision, communication, clear objectives and commitments are the keys for successive learning.

     we should learn from history, but also think futuristic and act here and now. Who we were is the gift from Above, and who we will be should be our gift to Above.

     learning can be kind of synergy of win-win partnership and fellowship for common goals, without compromising the core value.

positive attitude and reinforcement are crucial for learning. 
Affirm! Affirm! Affirm! Thus, please send me an encouragement comment, likes or likecoin. Feedbacks or advices and suggestions are always welcome too.

     we are only mortal and vulnerable. What we say and do can  different from what we believe, but there is One who is always faithful and never fail.

     all the above can be changed, if something more Biblical or reasonable are found. Thus, please feel free to disagree with the above and I would love to learn from your opinion and suggestion.