Reflection on resilience, postcolonial and colonized

Recently I have come across the term resilience. I found it is not that easy to find the equivalent in Chinese. How do you translate resilience in your languages? What are the synonyms? How does it difference from flexibility and endurance. I found it is kind of mix of both flexibility and endurance/stubborn.  I recalled this term as I am in a conference inspiring by a speaker using the term westernized and postcolonial. In another conference I asked an expert of colonialism about examples of places other than Hong Kong and Macau returning to the mainstream culture rather than being colonized after being colonized for certain period. At that time he was not able to think of other examples.

Thus, some places being colonized and lost their own culture after it, then I think we may consider the phenomenon as ‘colonized.’ In case of Hong Kong and Macau I think they are kind of postcolonial. However, I would said that they are westernized in different degrees. How much is the ‘west’ components of the colonized and postcolonial over time can be an interesting topics?

I got up at midnight about 7 hours ago, I am waiting at the airport for the next flight. We are traveling and transit all the time even in the context of postcolonial, colonial, westernized, sinicized.  I think that is really true that we tend to more ‘human becoming’ rather than ‘human being’, as we are in the transition.